Dalibor Simacek

Freelance web developer

(+420) 777 681 696
Prague, Czech Republic

About me

I’m a web application developer capable of providing you with a complete web app or just help with some parts as needed. I can help you analyse a problem and find and implement a proper solution, in time and in high quality.

I develop primarily in modern PHP and Nette Framework but have no problem using other frameworks. I can also do modern front-end development and JS programming.

I worked on countless projects remotely and value good communication, clean results and keep deadlines.

You can rely on me.


Programming languages

PHP 95 %

SQL 90 %

HTML and CSS 90 %

Javascript 80 %

Libraries and frameworks

Symfony a Nette frameworks 95%

Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation 95%

jQuery 95%

React 50%


Git 90%

Server management, nginx, rabbitmq etc. 70%

Adobe Photoshop and other image editors 70%

Soft skills

English, spoken and written 90%

Analytical thinking 90%


I continuously educate my self, read books and try new technologies. Currently I focus mainly on these areas:



Freelance work in web development and design field

2006 — 2015, 2017 - current

  • Developing custom-made PHP web applications
  • Customer needs and requirements analysis
  • Responsive websites and templates coding in HTML, CSS and JS.

Schoolpartner.cz, SaaS administration for language schools

Lead developer, March 2013 — December 2016

  • Customer needs and requirements analysis on all levels of processes in language schools.
  • Whole system architecture and implmentation in PHP and Nette Framework.
  • Daily communication with users, customer support.
  • Server and RabbitMQ management, deployment automation.
  • Project management, leading junior developers.


External front-end developer, 2011 — 2015

  • Collaboration on front-end on mid-size to larger projects in a team of developers.
  • Experience with responsive design, advanced code architecture, front-end performance optimization.


Czech Technical University in Prague

finished 2010

Finished bachelor studies of Software technologies and management.

Seoul National University of Technology, Republic of Korea

August 2009 - June 2010

Yearly exchange studies.